Tuesday, 16 May 2017

2018 Selective Preparation

This blog entry will inform members of the Selective Support group on important issues related to the 2018 Selective Test and take the load away of the internal message board.

6th July
After this holiday period, year 5 students will soon face the ICAS English and Maths competition. These 2 tests are very important for some students as their schools will use them as part of the school marks for the selective school application. To prepare for these competitions students should at least get the following work done.

To hope for High Distinction students must score well on this minimum amount of work

Test series
OC Mathematics Booster (6 tests)
Mathematics Grade 5 (11 tests)
Test 5-11
Math Short Response Grade 5 (12 tests)
5 tests
Mathematics Grade 6 (11 tests)
tests 1-6
Mini Math Challenge Grade 6-7 (44 tests)
5 tests
Mini Math Problem Solving Grade 6-7 (50 tests)
5 tests
OC English Booster (16 tests)
English Reading Skills Grade 6 (67 tests)
one test from each test type
English Comprehension Grade 6 (22 tests)
5 tests
English Comprehension Grade 7 (22 tests)
3 tests
English Deep Comprehension Exercise (20 tests)
2 tests

We will soon enter the period where strong students should be preparing for early scholarship tests. These tests are offerred by a few elite private schools in Oct. They are much better than the mock selective trials offerred by tutoring colleges. This early scholarship preparation is between 1st Aug and 1st Oct where students will do some difficult work, 2 selective trials and writing work. 

See 2017 Early Scholarship Tests in Sydney for more details

This is a snapshot of some early scholarship testresults for year 5 students in Oct 2016.

We have got 1 full scholarship winner in early scholarship tests among the boys. There have been several interviews including one at Barker College (result not available). However, there has been no offer of interview for the girls from Pymble and Danebank so far. Hopefully, the girls will do better this year.

Information from the Selective School Unit (SSU)

Minimum entry scores for 2017 (from 2016 the Selective Test): 2017 minimum cutoffs

Official webpage for Selective School Test: Selective School - Year 7

The timing for Selective test preparation

Year 5, Jan - Jul
OC level (advanced year 4 and year 5) revision
Year 5, Jul - Oct
Year 6 level, year 7 level and 1st 2 Selective Trials
Year 5, Oct - Nov
Early private school scholarship tests and some big selective trials at big tutoring colleges such as Northshore, PreUni, James An, etc.
Year 5, Dec
Analysing results from early scholarship tests
Year 5 and 6, Dec - Feb
Year 6 - 7 level, doing 6 more Selective trials and Selective Boosters
Year 6, Feb-Mar
Main season for private school scholarships
Year 6, mid Mar
NSW Selective School Test (and WA plus various places)

Mathemafix documents
Important Mathemafix guides for Selective Test preparation. These documents are only available to members after they log on the website.
User Guide (updated Feb 2017) *
SS G&T Program Year 5-6 *
Selective Roadmap *

SS Work Schedule (updated Mar 2017)  
Maths Lessons Guide  
Maths Problem Solving Strategies Year 4-5  
Maths Problem Solving Strategies Year 6-7
Guide for Scholarship and Selective Test Writing (updated May 2017)  
Guide for English Question Types and Strategies
Guide for Exam Techniques

* most important documents

UNSW ICAS competitions

The ICAS competitions are worth preparing for. Some OC classes will use ICAS English and Maths as part of the school marks for the Selective School application. Generally, getting top 3% - 1% in the ICAS maths and English competition is a good sign for success in the Selective School test.

Digital Technologies
Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Friday, 7 April 2017
Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Tuesday, 2 May 2017
Monday, 12 June – Friday, 16 June 2017*
Monday, 15 May 2017
Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Tuesday, 16 May 2017
Tuesday, 1 August 2017
Friday, 23 June 2017
Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Friday, 23 June 2017

To prepare for the ICAS tests, students should do the following work

Suggested work and test series
Digital Technologies
Computer Skills Grade 3-4
Computer Skills Grade 5-6
Mini Science and General Problem Solving Grade 3-4
Mini Science and General Problem Solving Grade 5-6
Do work in modules: Read Summarise Write, Punctuation,
Story Starter and the Writing Forum
Do work in modules: Wordlist and VocabTest
English Vocabulary Year 5-6
OC English Booster
English Comprehension Grade 6
English Reading Skills Grade 7
English Comprehension Grade 7
Mini Math Challenge Grade 4-5
OC Mathematics Booster
Mini Math Challenge Grade 6-7
Mini Math Problem Solving Grade 6-7

Popular private schools in Sydney offering scholarships

This list is for 2017. However the dates would give a good idea when they will offer the tests in 2018 and what kind of test it is.

Early scholarships in Sep-Nov are offered at Pymble LC, Danebank and The Scots College in 2017.

The main season of scholarship tests is from Feb to Mar each year.

All Saints Grammar, Co-ed, Saturday, 25 February 2017, ACER Co-op
Arden Anglican School Secondary, Co-ed, Sat, 25th February 2017, Academic Services
Georges River Grammar Co-ed, Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
International Grammar School, Co-ed Saturday 25 February 2017, ACER Co-op
Penrith Anglican College Secondary Co-ed Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op 

Reddam House School, Sun, 12th March 2017, ACER alternative
St George Christian School Co-ed, Friday 3 March 2017, ACER alternative  
Ascham School, Girls, Saturday 11 February 2017, Academic Services
Meriden Girls Sat, 18 February 2017, Academic Services
MLC Girls Sat, Sat, 11 February 2017 ACER alternative
Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta Secondary Girls Sat, March 4, 2017 Academic Services
Presbyterian Ladies' College, Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
Ravenswood School for Girls, Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
Santa Sabina College Primary, Girls Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
SCEGGS Girls, Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
TARA School for Girls, Sat, 11 March 2017 EDU Test 

Wenona School, March 2017 Academic Services
Newington Boys, Monday 13 February 2017 Academic Services
Cranbrook School Boys, Sat, 4 March 2017 Academic Services
Knox Grammar Boys, Friday 17 February 2017, Academic Services
St Aloysius Bursaries, Boys - contact the Registrar - email: registrar@staloysius.nsw.edu.au
Sydney Church of England Grammar School, Sat, 25 February 2017 ACER Co-op
Sydney Grammar Boys, Sun, 12 February, 2017 Other/unknown
The King’s School Boys, Sun, 19 February 2017 EDU Test

For more information and other states, visit the website of local private schools and also the website of the largest assessment agencies.

ACER scholarships
Academic Services Scholarships
EduTest scholarships